Assessment, Surveys, and Handouts

The resources below can help patients talk about their GI symptoms, integrate recommendations, and track outcomes.

Conversation Starter Handout

Questions to better understand lifestyle and symptom patterns.

Digestive Rebuilding Assessment

Helps identify gastrointestinal symptoms and medical history.

Symptom Tracking Survey

Helps patients track common digestive symptoms every two weeks.

Bristol Stool Classification & Tracking

Helps patients classify and track their stool’s shape, color, smell, and consistency.


Resources to educate your patients about your Digestive Rebuilding Program.

Social Media Images

This can be used in a campaign to educate patients about your Digestive Service.

Website Survey Link

This can be used on your website to link to the Digestive Quiz and FREE Report.

In-Office Lay Patient Lecture

Can be used to educate staff and patients about Digestive Rebuilding Services.

Practice Integration

Successfully integrate the Digestive Rebuilding Program into your practice.

Website Banner Images

Use these images to build a website landing page, posters, handouts, or whatever you can think of to promote your digestive services.

Report Reminder Postcard

This can be printed and provided to patients to receive their Digestive Type Report. Used in conjunction with the Digestive Type Point of Sale stand.

Treatment Room Insert

This can be printed and and inserted into an acrylic stand to promote your functional digestion services.

Office Integration Checklist

Helps your office successfully integrate the Digestive Rebuilding Program.

Dairy Enzyme Reference Chart

Helps patients understand their dairy intolerance symptoms, pathways, and insufficiences.